Driver Cleaner.NET

Driver Cleaner.NET 3.4

Easily cleans and removes parts of drivers that are left over after uninstalling the old drivers

As its names indicates, this little, simple and easy-to-use application wiil let you eliminate all no longer needed drivers from your computer. Everytime you add a device to your system, you also install a driver to control it. Many times might happen that you uninstall the device but not the driver, or some pieces of the driver falled behind. This unneeded information uses space on your harddisk and could affect its performance. To avoid those issues, you can execute Driver Cleaner Pro on your harddisk and easily clean up the drivers, in a safely manner since it creates a backup of the drivers first, so in the case you eliminated a working driver you can recover it.
This application is mainly intended to be used with drivers from ATI, Creative, nVidia, Realtek, SIS,3Dfx, S3, among many others. It is free and run correctly in Windows 98, Me, 2000 and XP.

In addition, Driver Cleaner Professional Edition let you monitor the drivers currently installed on your system, see information about them, and check for new cleaning files and updates. Also includes the Cab Cleaner, tool to clean the outdated drivers contained in the Service Pack's Cab files. The dropdown box allows you to select the cab file you want to clean, then you press Clean button and the process begins.

There are some filter tools available that make easier the outdated drivers cleaning. One of them allows you to create profiles of filter configurations so you don't have to set them over and over again each time you want to clean your disks.
Finally, a remarkable new feature is Live Update with wich you will be able to update the application version and its filter each time you are online.

Juan Morán
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  • Economic
  • Automatically updateable
  • Automatic backup


  • Few functions
  • Only English supported
  • Not tested on W2003 and later versions
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